BioSentri - Mobile Biometric Access Control
Mobile Biometric Access Control

true accountability and security everywhere

What is BioSentri?

Mobile biometric access control

BioSentri is mobile biometric access control, giving you true accountability and security everywhere.

Authentication via smartphone

BioSentri allows users to authenticate themselves on their smart phone via the BioSentri App, using their enrolled fingerprint

Locks connected to controller

The BioSentri controller connects your locks to the BioSentri App

Full control of your sites

The BioSentri Management Console gives you full control of your sites and KeyHolders (users)

BioSentri is mobile biometric access control that ensures true accountability and security everywhere.
How does BioSentri Work?

How does BioSentri work?

The How, Why and Where of BioSentri mobile biometric access control

How does BioSentri work?

  • Gain access to the BioSentri Management Console
  • Install BioSentri controllers at your sites
  • Download the BioSentri app to your phone and enroll your FP
  • To access any site that has been assigned to you, simply scan your FP in the BioSentri App when at the lock.

Why use BioSentri?

  • Total compliance (PoPI Act / EU GDPR)
  • Time and Money saved from collecting and returning of physical keys
  • True accountability – Biometrics guarantees who went into your sites
  • Zero possibility of fraud
  • 100% Convenience and Security with Mobile Biometric Access

Where to use BioSentri?

  • Everywhere
  • Telecommunications facilities
  • Tower sites
  • Street Boxes, outdoor cabinets and manholes
  • Access roads
  • Utilities
  • Banks/ATMS
  • Government departments

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